Press Releases & News


Loscam Continuing to Innovate in NZ - New Returnable Packaging Options for Fruit and Vegetables

Release Date: 16/07/2013 

Loscam Energies Thailand ECR - Retail Ready Collaboration

Release Date: 09/07/2013 

Loscam Greater China Learn More to Serve Customers better

Release Date: 19/03/2013


Loscam Seeking Benefits Of Australian Pine for Asia

Release Date: 19/03/2013


Loscam New Zealand Approved for Chilled & Frozen Business

Release Date: 4/3/2013


Loscam's Quality Plastic Pallets Embraced by the Market

Release Date: 23/1/2013

A Winning December for Loscam Greater China

Release Date: 31/12/2012


Customers Give Loscam IBC I6 the Seal of Approval

Release Date: 9/11/2012


Loscam Wins China’s Prestigious “Most Favoured Logistics Enterprise” Award

Release Date: 19/10/2012

China Merchants Loscam International Conference 2012

Release Date: 17/10/2012


Loscam Hires First Female Repairers in New Vietnam Depot

Release Date: 11/10/2012


Trans-Tasman Movements Made Easier by Loscam

Release Date: 28/08/2012


Loscam Addresses Thailand ECR Conference

Release Date:26/07/2012


Loscam Becomes Member of Australian Logistics Council

Release Date: 19/07/2012


Loscam Opens New Auckland Depot

Release Date: 12/07/2012


Loscam Expert Addresses Packaging Conference

Release Date: 22/06/2012


Loscam Took Part in 2012 ECR China Conference

Release Date: 12/06/2012


Loscam’s IBC Sets New Standard

Release Date: 11/06/2012


Loscam Launches New Retail Ready Solutions

Release Date: 16/02/2012


Loscam Marks 70 Years in Business

Release Date: 31/01/2012


Loscam's Largest Pallet Repair Facility Opens in Melbourne's West

Release Date: 06/12/2011

1 Million Pallets On Hire in China

Release Date: 02/12/2011


Polymer Logistics & Loscam - A Retail Ready Partnership

Release Date: 28/11/2011


Pallet Choice To Be Offered In New Zealand

Release Date: 15/11/2011


Loscam Relocates Corporate Head Office To Asia

Release Date: 08/09/2011


China Merchants Group Acquires Loscam

Release Date: 05/07/2010