The Loscam Foldable Plastic Liquid Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) - I8 is developed specially for the food industry such as fruit juice, dairy, vegetable oil etc. The lightweight and foldable container features a hygienic efficient “bag in box” system which is easy to fill, discharge and transport. The half folding front “drop gate” enables ease of access and the sight glass provides clear view of the product. I8 is extremely cost-effective due to its 2.5 to 1 return ratio.

 Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to fill, discharge and transport

  • Half folding front “drop gate” allows ease of access

  • Sight glass provides clear view of product level

  • Tamper evident and lockable lid assures product safety

  • Freezer compatible and UV resistant 


    2.5:1 folding ratio saves cost in transport and storage