Loscam pallets offer the latest in quality and durability for returnable packaging systems. The pallets are readily available, pooled for transfer between customers to reduce client costs, with hire and de-hire depots throughout Australia and Asia. Loscam maintains the standards of its pallets at automated repair facilities and offers a Hire Management System to track your transactions.

Loscam Wooden Pallet - Australia

Loscam radiata pine pallets meet the same standards as hardwood pallets (Australian Standard AS4068) yet they weigh only 34kg* – or from 8kg to 10kg less than a typical hardwood pallet. On a 22 pallet load this will reduce the weight by about 220 Kg, which translates into reduced fuel and freight costs. The Loscam ‘new-gen’ radiata pine pallets are made entirely from sustainable pine forests. In 25 years a sustainable pine forest can produce thousands of new Loscam pallets compared to 75 years for hardwood pallets.

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Loscam Wooden Pallet - Asia

The Loscam Asia pallet has become the standard pallet for use by retailers, manufacturers and distributors across the Asian region. The "ECR" nominated size of 1m x 1.2m, 4 way entry pallet has been instrumental in revolutionising supply chains in Asia bringing the inherent benefits of standardisation to warehousing, transport, product handling, product integrity and safety. With operations right across Asia the Loscam Asia pallet has established a firm market leadership position by providing high quality pooled pallets for sharing between trading partners.

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Loscam Wooden Pallet - New Zealand

Loscam AdvaNZ pallet has been specially designed for the New Zealand market. The pallet combines the benefits of a true 4 way entry pallet with robust engineering to ensure your products and employees have ultimate assurance in the strength and utility of the pallet. The four way entry design enables vehicles to be loaded “Chinese” bringing additional benefits in increased vehicle utilization as well as speed and ease of load and unload processes.

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Loscam 1.165x1.165m Plastic Pallet

Loscam plastic pallets do not absorb moisture or contaminants making them ideal for clean room, fresh food and pharmaceutical type environments. Their corrosion-proof construction can be steam cleaned, chemically sterilised, or hot-washed. This polyethylene, UV-inhibiting pallet is specially made for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The Loscam plastic pallets are extremely strong holding 2000kg on small beam racking, 1000kg on drive through or edge racking and 8000kg static load.

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Loscam 1x1.2m Plastic Pallet

Loscam 1x1.2m plastic pallet complies with the ECR nominated size. The four way entry design enables loading and unloading easier and faster hence increases vehicle utilisation. Its unque embedded anti-skid function ensures products are protected safely. The pallets do not absorb moisture or contaminants making them ideal for food and pharmaceutical type environments.

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Loscam Display Pallet

Loscam Display Pallet has been developed with the particular needs of our customers in mind. The Display Pallet is ideal for storing, moving and displayingg high velocity products direct to retail floor, reducing handling, improving product quality and increasing replenishment efficiency.

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