Loscam Wooden Pallet - Australia

Loscam radiata pine pallets meet the same standards as hardwood pallets (Australian Standard AS4068) yet they weigh only 34kg* – or from 8kg to 10kg less than a typical hardwood pallet. On a 22 pallet load this will reduce the weight by about 220kg, which translates into reduced fuel and freight costs.

 The Loscam ‘new-gen’ radiata pine pallets are made entirely from sustainable pine forests. In 25 years a sustainable pine forest can produce thousands of new Loscam pallets compared to 75 years for hardwood pallets.

*  Pallet weight is impacted by a number of factors including but not limited to moisture, age, timber characteristics etc. As such, Loscam does not warrant the weight of any pallet so provided and that the hirer or user of the pallet shall at all times be responsible on how the pallet(s) are used, stored or handled while under their control.