Loscam 1x1.2m Repairable Plastic Pallets

The Repairable Plastic Pallet is most applicable in food & beverage, diary and pharmaceutical industry, where strict requirements on pallet material exists. Its unique modularised design enables easy fabrication, dismantling, and most importantly reparability. Reparability increases pallet utilisation and recyclaility, and ultimately reduces waste and contamination to the environment.


  • Modular design, repairable and replaceable parts to reduce maintenance costs and lengthen pallet life cycle
  • Patented anti-slip belt design increases friction between goods and pallets, and between pallets and the floor, allowing steady goods stacking
  • Full-perimeter base ensures steadiness and intactness when stacked, and maximise friction with the floor to reduce slipping and falling down
  • Enhance loading capacity and strength by implanting zinc-plating steel-beam on the top board and under the bottom board   
  • Embedded RFID tag slots for easy goods tracking and inventory control