Our Products

Loscam products can help you manage the storage, handling and movement of raw materials, finished goods and fresh produce through the supply chain.

Our products are suitable for a wide range of applications including automated manufacturing lines, clean room and fresh food environments, transportation and distribution operations, agricultural/horticultural/viticultural industries and retail/wholesale sectors.

Our pallets, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's) and produce bins are readily available from our extensive network of service depots where we maintain equipment to the highest possible standards. All Loscam products can be managed and tracked via our user friendly applications, Loscam Online and Hire Management System (HMS).

Loscam's product development team is constantly reviewing evolving customer and market needs. We are able to develop solutions for our clients whether these be within the raw materials and manufacturing environments or more customer facing retail and product merchandising areas.


Asian & Australian Pallets by Loscam
Loscam pallets offer the latest in quality and durability for returnable packaging systems. The pallets are readily available, pooled for transfer between customers to reduce client costs, with hire and de-hire depots throughout A..


The Loscam Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) has been developed in conjunction with global food and beverage companies to provide a best in class bulk handling solution. ..


Loscam Gpaks
GPAKs can be used in the storage, transport and distribution of products that require special care or are just difficult to handle. From the automotive, pharmaceutical, fashion, electronic and transportation industries, GPAK'..

Retail Ready

 Innovative "One Touch" Retail Ready Packaging solutions enable retailers to optimize their supply chains by bringing cost reductions, operational benefits and environmentally friendly solutions to all parts of the ..

RPCs & Produce Bins

The flexibility of the Loscam RPCs and Produce Bin can help add profits to your business. ..

Collars & Lids

Loscam Pallet Collar & Lids
Loscam Collars and Lids are an ideal way of transforming pallets into containers for the movement of fragile or cartonised freight without the need for costly shrinkwrap. Easily added to a Loscam wooden pallet they are able to be ..